Second Show in Milwaukeee

So I'm so excited for this new show Saturday.

First Show in Milwaukee

Hello Everyone! 

I am so excited to officially announce my first show in Milwaukee!


Hello Milwaukee

It's definitely been tough adjusting to a new home but I'm able to walk to open mics again which is nice. I've been practicing a lot lately working really hard to improve. I think I will do well here I feel restless again. I want to explore the scene here and I feel inspired. I lived in Cleveland for about 2 years and I lost my inspiration and my drive. I just didn't seem to fit in musically and it made me forget the love of performing. Playing here in Wisconsin I feel the adrenaline rush again and my confidence that I will succeed has returned. I just have to work really hard.


You can catch me in Milwaukee every week on Monday at the Up and Under open mic

and Tuesday at the Two Bucks open mic

I'm excited to find out what this year will bring :-)

UpperDarby and Returning to WCL Philly

Things have been so busy lately but in a good way. Scott and I rescued a dog. She is a 2 year old shepherd mix named Lady. We move into our new apartment this weekend and Lady gets to go with me to work everyday. In music news on May 17th I will be performing for the third time at the annual Brad Schoener Music Marathon in Upper Darby. I haven't received details yet but I will be performing at the World Cafe Live on 30th and Walnut in Philly July 3rd. I hope to see everyone soon!

New Shows and T-Shirts

So last night I put in the order for T-shirts designed by my lovely artist friend Lillian.......

Interview/Performance tonight on WRUW


Happy Holidays:):) I figured today would be a good time to start this. A lot of cool things are coming up. On February 22nd I will be performing at the A-Town Get Down in Savannah Georgia. I have never been there so it should be insane. I just got a guitar player for the event and Wes will be playing the drums again for me. We have never done a full band set before and it's going to sound awesome. As always I will have CD's with me to sell. I am also working with my friend Lillian who is an art student on T-shirts which are incredibly cool. I can't wait show everyone. The next thing I will be focusing more on is my youtube channel. I haven't been very good at updating that regularly. I would just like to add that I love pajamas. I'm wearing mine right now even though it's like 12 but the whole point of christmas is to be lazy and not do anything right? 

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