Happy Holidays:):) I figured today would be a good time to start this. A lot of cool things are coming up. On February 22nd I will be performing at the A-Town Get Down in Savannah Georgia. I have never been there so it should be insane. I just got a guitar player for the event and Wes will be playing the drums again for me. We have never done a full band set before and it's going to sound awesome. As always I will have CD's with me to sell. I am also working with my friend Lillian who is an art student on T-shirts which are incredibly cool. I can't wait show everyone. The next thing I will be focusing more on is my youtube channel. I haven't been very good at updating that regularly. I would just like to add that I love pajamas. I'm wearing mine right now even though it's like 12 but the whole point of christmas is to be lazy and not do anything right? 

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