Annalise Curtin



Second Show in Milwaukeee

So I'm so excited for this new show Saturday. I've had a wonderful time in Milwaukee so far. I've met so many great people and musicians! I recently took a little month long break to visit home (Philadelphia) it was a much needed trip. I wrote a new song the first night there called "Storm Chaser." One of the biggest struggles I have as a singer/songwriter is that I'm very slow at writing songs. It seems as if I need something major happen to me in order for me to get in that state of mind. That is what the song is about. I find that I seek out situations that are dramatic in some way so that I can find inspiration but that isn't really healthy. I will be playing this new song this weekend October 3rd at Wild Card Sports bar in South Milwaukee and it's freee so bring lots of friends and have a great night! This show will also feature the wonderful Aaron Ruiz you can check him out here

Have a wonderful week!