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An Introduction...

It took Annalise Curtin three cities and a lot of soul-searching throughout her 20’s to realize her heart was right back in Philadelphia, where her musical life first took root with her first songs penned while she was still in high school. Shortly after recording her debut album - 2013’s “Battle Against Me” - she packed up her life and headed to Cleveland at age 21, and kept the motor running en route to Milwaukee, then to Seattle, where she honed her particular brand of introspective acoustic folk (with shades of Alanis Morrisette, Ingrid Michaelson, and Regina Spektor) in the loudest of rock and roll dive bars. The voice coming out of her diminutive 4’8” frame was too imposing for coffee house crowds, who prefer their lattes sweet and their music tucked in the background.

Returning to Philly in 2018, Curtin began expanding her musical pallet, pushing her boundaries into settings commensurate with her vocal range. While she continued making the rounds at any establishment serving Citywides, she also began regular guest appearances with local Gypsy Jazz outfit Manouche 5, inhabiting songbook classics like “Paper Moon” and “Dream A Little Dream Of Me.” 

When 2020 stopped much of the music world in its tracks, Curtin started making them, recording vocals with her new home studio set-up and broadening her horizons even more with collaboration singles with hip hop producer Aaron Ruiz, indie rock quartet Readership, and, most recently, with Canadian blues punk musician Philippe Goulet Coulombe (Philippe Gc).

In“Snowland,” their 2021 collab, Curtin and Coulombe create uptempo banger of a track, with Annalise’s distinctive vibrato firing off melodic hooks over Philippe’s “Eliminator”-era ZZ-Top guitar riffing.

It’s an exciting new vibe for Annalise Curtin as she lives out the last year of her 20’s ready to see what new musical mischief her 30’s will bring.