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Amid the sticky city heat, snow days seem like nothing but a dream. However, Annalise Curtin and Philippe Goulet Coulombe (Philippe Gc) released an icy new track this week called “Snowland.” The song is the product of a long-distance collaboration between the two, with Curtin in Philadelphia and Coulombe in Montreal. Having prophetic visions of a future that seems like something only Orwell could come up with, the track is full of unease. A breathless intensity cloaks the whole ordeal as Curtin warbles about an apocalyptic America. Her strong vibrato and Coulombe’s Eliminator-era ZZ-Top guitar work seem to be foreshadowing inevitable doom. Freezing and fierce the duo makes the distance completely irrelevant as their undeniable chemistry is automatically evident” - Samantha Sullivan

The Key

It’s not often that you are fortunate enough to hear truly interesting music these days.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love bass thumping, hard hitting, aggressive rap just as much as the next guy, er girl in my case.  But every now and then I want a quiet guitar and soul stirring voice to reach down deep and still the noise of the world just a bit.And in walks Annalise Curtin.  Don’t let her tiny stature fool you.  At under 5′ feet tall, and a disarmingly youthful face that makes you wonder if she’s reached voting age, this young woman is a powerhouse of a performer.  Armed with a guitar that seems gigantically disporportioned  in her arms, Annalise’s melodic songs are something akin to Damien Rice meets Feist with a touch of young Bob Dylan.  Her guitar sings, her songwriting  thought provoking, and her voice absolutely one of kind.” - Lori Foxworth

I look forward to enjoying future performances from Annalise. From what I remember, her personal style of music delivery was unadorned, yet carefully layered and composed.I felt compelled to capture Annalise, due to her captivating, stripped-down musical performance, and due to her pensive stage presence, which complemented her musical selections quite well.” - Solomon Noah Feitelson